Rush Zero  

Rush Zero   
NAME Rush Zero  
PRODUCT TYPE Isoamyl + Isopropyl
VOLUME 24 ml
TAGS Isoamyl + Isopropyl, poppers, USA

A true Holy Grail for connoisseurs, American poppers Rush from 1974, patented by Great Lake Products, is still considered best of the best and remains the most legendary of all poppers, whether in gay or clubbing communities. International legislation, however, no longer allows to reproduce the exact aroma. Nonetheless, RUSH ZERO is based on its original formula, which is improved as it blends two nitrites to guarantee strong and direct effects, worthy of their famous ancestor for spicy sex lovers and partygoers , looking for legal party drugs. Entirely safe, Rush Zero meets the strictest European safety requierements. The bottle comes in 24 ML format and 9 ML.