Poppers : the perfect booster

Poppers were already synthesized at the end of the 19th century. Surprisngly, they are still not that well known. During the Vietnam War, they were used to boost up the morale of the troops and in the 1970s they were used as a party drug in dance clubs and for (homo)sexual pleasure. Now, poppers are primarily used to optimize the sexual experience of hetero and homosexuals (penetration, masturbation, orgasm, etc.) and for their muscle relaxant effects. They also cause euphoria and are widely used in dance clubs. 

Although poppers are sometimes considered as drugs by the authorities, they are based on Isopropyl nitrite, which is freely accessible and legal. Their primary effect is to relax the muscles and the blood vessels. This increases people’s well-being and causes warm physical sensations. It encourages sexual disinhibition and enables people to experience sex freely, without taboos or shame. The sexually enhancing effect is caused by widening the muscles and improving the blood circulation in the blood vessels. This results in spectacular erections, a large vagina and a large anus. Multiple orgasms occur and they last longer. Although poppers are often associated with homosexual use, they are also loved by heterosexuals. In terms of use, poppers are comparable to aromatherapy products that give rise to feelings of relaxation, positive thoughts and a significant sexual boost. Poppers are also often used at parties and in night clubs because they induce euphoria. They also reduce tension and make any shyness disappear.

Poppers always remained readily available on the Internet, ranging from excellent to very poor quality. Since 1990, however, poppers containing butyl and pentyl nitrite have been banned in France. Only bottles containing alkyl nitrites remained permitted until Prime Minister François Fillon attempted to ban the production and marketing of poppers completely with a decree in 2007. This was followed by a long period of great legal confusion. The decree was withdrawn by the Council of State, denounced again by the government and withdrawn once more. Many retailers and users didn’t follow the whole discussion until the spring of 2013. Since then, the situation is again the same as before Fillon.

Poppers have become fully legal again in France, as long as they are made according to certain authorized compositions. Just like Marriage for All, this proves that the current government, despite making mistakes, no longer considers gays and sexually free citizens as potential criminals but as people who are fully responsible and free to pursue their own private life styles.

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