Quality of our poppers

In recent years, the world of poppers hasn’t changed for the better as there are many ineffective herbal poppers that are based on a dull composition. Our ambitious brand aims to be the modern equivalent of the great American popper brands of the past, such as Rush. Under the current European legislation, butyl nitrite may no longer be used. Unlike many other brands, we refuse to market legal but less effective products. Our product is made in accordance with the applicable legislation, in particular the REACH regulation on chemical products, and also strives to be as close as possible to the poppers of the 70s and 80s. A relaxant. An aphrodisiac. A stimulant. A product that turns you into a real sex animal, with spectacular erections and a widely dilated anus and vagina.

We do not sell Chinese, Indian or even Canada products. Our products are developed in United Kingdom, in laboratories under very strict standards. In close cooperation with our American parent companies, we adapt their patents according to UK regulations and we keep up their good reputation. We don’t aim to copy an effective recipe with less effective ingredients. We also don’t want to offer a diluted version of a product, but stay as close as possible to the original and keep up with the good reputation of poppers within the current legal framework. In doing so, we have significantly more imagination and know-how than our competitors. We know the expectations of real connoisseurs and want to meet them. Our customers are very valuable to us, they are no gogos whom we can satisfy with headphone cleaning products. We also don’t make the same mistakes as our competitors. To this end, we have developed a high-quality packaging with a special and easy-to-use cap that ensures a perfect cluosure of the bottle. We also focus on the proper storage of our products, a good stock management and efficiency… Poppers are just as important to us as excellent wine and the best food there is.

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