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Rush, the legend. This brand of poppers is known among homo and heterosexuals for its excellent quality. Rush has a relaxing, euphoric, exciting and vasodilating effect. For use on the dance floor and sexual moments, it is renowned for fantastic erections, a dilation of the anus and the vagina, laughter kicks and a increased sense of well-being. The original composition contained amyl nitrite but this is now banned all around the world by international law. The Rush Effect is appealing to connoisseurs and beginners alike, who aren’t happy with the poor quality of many other poppers that are currently available on the market, such as herbal poppers, which are legal but virtually useless.

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We offer a wide range of poppers like Rush Original  strongest poppers, Super Rush poppers, Super Rush Black Label poppers, Gold Rush poppersJungle Juice black labelRush Zero Poppers. Real Rush poppers , amsterdam gold and Real Rush Platinum poppers and liquid gold Poppers.

This liquid is contained in a 10 ml or 15 ml vial for small Rush poppers and 25 ml or 30,40 ml for large Rush poppers.

With our Rush Poppers online quality product we want to satisfy our customers as much as possible, both in night clubs and for homosexual use. We do this by staying as close to the original composition of poppers as possible. We strictly respect European legislation, in particular the REACH regulation on chemicals issued by the European Commission. However, that doesn’t stop us from making an exciting, sexually disinhibiting, relaxing and entertaining product. To this end, we have come up with a quality composition for intense fun that stands out from the competition, which is increasingly criticized for not satisfying the consumer with their legal poppers. In close cooperation with our parent companies, we adapt patented recipes in accordance with European regulations. We ensure that the recipe is not diluted by using effective alternatives for some illegal ingredients that are equally effective and widely recognized as sexually stimulating and physically stimulating. Our products are adapted and developed in recognized laboratories in Belgium, France, UK and Luxembourg. 

Our Rush PoppersLeather Cleaner Poppers have the longest shelf life if they are stored at the lowest possible temperature. Before use, however, they should definitely be warmed back up to room temperature. Fresh Rush poppers delivery UK have a pleasant smell and an absolutely fantastic effect. The longer the products are poorly preserved after opening, the worse the effect and the more unpleasant the smell.

Original Rush poppers are the cheapest poppers based on propyl nitrite, pentyl, amyl are fully authorized for sale and consumption. We offer in exclusivity in England poppers with Amyl Nitrite since 2022.
We also offer the possibility of wholesale sales of our Rush poppers in England; fast delivery with no minimum quantity, and the great prices on the market

Many unscrupulous manufacturers cannot provide a legal answer to the new regulations. In our case, however, everything is well thought through: cap, storage, easy use, closure and packaging. Our ambition is to become the market leader and become the modern equivalent of Rush Poppers of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Our aim is not to make quick money, disappear from the globe and cause controversy. What matters to us is to have satisfied customers who enjoy our products passionately. No more , no less.

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