All infos about poppers

Poppers ? What is it?
Poppers contain nitrites, mainly amyl nitrites, butyl nitrites and pentyl nitrites. In Europe they are usually based on isopropyl nitrites. They are vasodilators and were originally (19th century) used for medicinal purposes to treat heart problems and chest pains. It is a very volatile liquid with a strong aroma, sold in a bottle of 8 to 30 ml.

Is poppers Legal?
Since the medicinal use of poppers came to a halt, the pharmaceutical industry signed a contract with the US military who distributed poppers among their soldiers in Vietnam to make them more combative. In the early 1970s, poppers started being used by homosexuals and club-goers for their euphoric and relaxing effects. Dance clubs and saunas spread them through their ventilation systems. During the rave and techno years (1987-1994), poppers were considered  as drugs by the legal authorities because of the association with ecstasy. This led to several bans and precautions regarding their composition in various countries. In France, the government of François Fillon tried to ban the sales of poppers entirely in 2007, 2009 and 2011. This decision was, however, revoked by the Left. Since 2013, isopropyl nitrite-based poppers have become fully legal again, like elsewhere in Europe.

What effects does it have?
This depends on the context. In nightclubs, poppers are inhaled straight from the bottle. This causes giggles, a tingling rush, warm sensations and feelings of relaxation. For sexual use, poppers evaporate into the air. This causes relaxing effects and enhances the libido. The product acts as a vasodilator, resulting in a larger vagina and anus, spectacular erections, a delay in ejaculation and strong orgasms. Although poppers are often associated with homosexual use, they are also widely used by heterosexuals who want to have a better sex life.

Are poppers considered as drugs?
In the European Union, poppers are legally not considered narcotics but rather as an aphrodisiac, as long as they are based on Propyl and Pentyl nitrite. This is why they’re sold in sex shops.

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