Are poppers legal in UK?

As of my last update in September 2021, poppers were legal in the UK. Poppers refer to a group of recreational drugs containing alkyl nitrites, typically sold in small bottles as a liquid that produces vapors when inhaled. They are known for their relaxing and euphoric effects, as well as their ability to dilate blood vessels, resulting in a temporary sensation of lightheadedness.

In the UK, poppers were not classified as a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act, which meant they were not subject to the same legal restrictions as drugs like cannabis or ecstasy. However, it's important to note that legal situations can change over time, and I recommend checking for the most up-to-date information from reliable sources or consulting legal authorities to ensure the current status of poppers in the UK.

What is poppers?

Poppers contain propyl nitrites, mainly amyl nitrites, isopropyl nitrites and pentyl nitrites. In Europe they are usually based on isopropyl nitrites. These are not banned on EU territory. They are vasodilators and were originally (19th century) used for medicinal purposes to treat heart problems and chest pains. It is a very volatile liquid with a strong aroma, sold in small bottles of 8 to 30 ml.

Amyl nitrite poppers was sold in capsules that had to be popped, to release the chemical.

Despite the fact that it is not often given, the medicine is nonetheless used to relieve the discomfort associated with angina episodes. It works by boosting the blood vessels and oxygen flow to the heart. Although alkyl nitrites are legal in and of themselves, they are not for human use. As a result, the products are frequently marketed as "room deodorizers" or "leather cleaners," despite the fact that they are ineffective and not meant for such purposes.

Poppers, on the other hand, are a popular recreational drug among homosexual, bisexual, and other males who engage in male-to-male sexual activity.

Poppers are inexpensive and simple to get and are frequently advertised as room deodorizers or as sex enhancers in sex stores.

Is it legal ?
Since the medicinal use of poppers came to a halt, the pharmaceutical industry signed a contract with the US military who distributed poppers among their soldiers in Vietnam to make them more combative. In the early 1970s, poppers started being used by homosexuals and club-goers for their euphoric and relaxing effects. Dance clubs and saunas spread them through their ventilation systems. During the rave and techno years (1987-1994), poppers were considered  as drugs by the legal authorities because of the association with ecstasy. This led to several bans and precautions regarding their composition in various countries. In France, the government of François Fillon tried to ban the sales of poppers entirely in 2007, 2009 and 2011. This decision was, however, revoked by the Left. Since 2013, isopropyl nitrite-based poppers have become fully legal again, like elsewhere in Europe.

What results does it produce?
Depending on the circumstances Poppers are inhaled directly from the bottle in nightclubs. Giggles, a tingling rush, warm feelings, and feelings of relaxation result from this. Poppers evaporate into the air when used during intercourse. This has calming properties and raises libido levels. As a vasodilator, the drug causes a bigger anus and vagina, outstanding erections, a delay in ejaculation, and potent orgasms. Poppers are regularly used by heterosexuals who desire to have better sex lives, despite the fact that they are frequently linked with homosexual use.

The history of poppers invention and commercialization

Originaly used to treat heart diseases poppers were diverted for so-called recreational and psychosexual uses. The product had the side effects of inducing a mild feeling of euphoria or relaxation and was believed to have the ability to prolong sexual desire and sensuality. For that reason and some others, poppers have been present in gay culture since the 1970s even if but their trade and use as recreational drugs for sexual use has benefited from the development of the Internet.

The use of poppers use has mainly developed among homosexuals. The popper then has the vocation, during sexual intercourse, to “facilitate receptive anal intercourse”. According to researches done in 2019, 26 to 46% of homosexual men use it or have tried it for this purpose. The would say that poppers can :

Medical Amyl nitrite was a popular substance used all over the world until 1970. In that year it was replaced by a more effective substance: trinitrin; which use leads to amyl nitrite abandonment in the medical sector. Following that, amyl nitrite finds new uses. Manufacturers will use it to make poppers that are currently very popular for their recreational and vasodilating effect. You can now see products like liquid gold poppers or extra strong poppers UK on the market.

But like many other people, you may ask: are poppers legal in the UK ?
We will discuss this subject later in details below.

The rise of poppers was strongly due to the Vietnam War. Soldiers prized the drug for its disinhibiting effect and for its ability to improve physical performance. Note that during the war, the American army was looking for legal substances that could support the soldiers who were facing all kind of difficulties in the battlefields. That was the opportunity for laboratory manufacturing the poppers to begin supplying them to the American army. In USA, poppers will be available over-the-counter until 1969. Later, they would only be available on prescription.

  • improve pleasure
  • facilitate penetration during sexual intercourse.

History of poppers ban in the USA (AIDS)

At the height of the AIDS crisis in the U.S. in the 1980s, a research study linked the usage of poppers with risky sexual behavior, leading up to HIV infection. Although this theory was later on rejected, the stigma remained, though concerns about using poppers gradually decreased. Studies have concluded that there is no correlation between popular drug use among gay men and sexual risk-taking activities. Rates of risky sexual conduct are thus comparable between substance users and non-users.

More than the sexual conduct as such, it appears that sexual risk-taking activities are exhibited mostly by men who belong to a gay subculture, known for homosexual experimentation, substance use and unprotected anal sex. Moreover, banning poppers while leaving things such as alcohol and cigarettes that are far more harmful untouched, raises issues of homophobia as poppers are particularly used in the gay community.

In a similar way, the recent outbreak of Monkeypox has caused racist and homophobic attacks since the ones who are primarily affected by this virus are gay and bisexual people - even though the disease can affect anyone. This stigma creates fear among people with Monkeypox and cause them to keep away from care facilities to avoid normative judgments about their sexual risk-taking behavior.

According to a study of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the presence of HIV, Monkeypox, or any other sexually transmitted disease in the LGBTQ community is closely linked to some emotional and mental health issues that are the result of social stigma. Stigmatization leads to mental health disparities and risk behavior. It is therefore important to accept and support this community. The health and wellbeing of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities should be focused on, while accepting the existence of risky sexual conduct and seeking inclusive preventive measures.

Drugs : are poppers legal in the UK ?

Created in first place for medical purposes, poppers has become popular a sexual stimulant and recreational substance lately. The product has an aphrodisiac effect due to the nitrite that it contains. Even if they have long been associated with the gay community, poppers are now used by millions of people with different sexual orientation. The UK first banned the sale of poppers with the Psychoactive Substances Act. Then, the UK Drug Abuse Advisory Council ended up deeming poppers to be a harmless substance. The government then changed its position and it was in 2017 that poppers became legal again. In this article, we will tell you about the history of poppers and how it became legal again in the UK.

The human consumption of poppers is likely to remain legal in the UK, reports The Guardian, a very famous British news and media website. There was talk of putting this product on a new list of drugs which will be banned in the United Kindom. Effectively, the UK first banned the sale of poppers with the Psychoactive Substances Act. But in 2022, are poppers legal in UK? The UK Council on Drug Abuse Recommendations (ACMD) ultimately ruled that poppers were generally harmless. He believes that the alkyl nitrites contained in poppers do not constitute a psychoactive substance. Although these are only advisory recommendations, the government should follow them, the newspaper said.

The Guardian recalls that poppers are particularly popular with the gay community and that their relaxing effects are sought to amplify pleasure during sexual intercourse. Tory MP Crispin Blunt spoke out against their ban, adding that he used it himself. Nevertheless, there are rare cases of deterioration of vision and drop in blood pressure linked to their consumption. “Between 1993 and 2013, a few people died after using the product,” recalls The Guardian.

Priti Patel: ready to make Poppers legal UK

UK Home Secretary, Priti Patel, has sought to clarify the legal status of Poppers in 2020. In a letter to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), Priti Patel wrote that these people had stated that poppers did not fall within the scope of the Psychoactive Substances Act, passed by the government in 2016, because they did not have any direct effect on the central nervous system.

Poppers legal in UK? legal in France since 2013

From watching the growing consumption of Poppers and fearing that young people might abuse them, the French Fillon government banned the sale of poppers in the entire country through a Decree in 2011.

In 2013, the Council of State decided to cancel this decree, which prevented the sale and consumption of poppers in France, after having cancelled the 1990 decree as well. The Council of State ruled that poppers should not be seen as a health hazard, given the low average of consumption per person, the short-term effects, and the absence of physical or psychological dependence. The only UK legal poppers that are currently prohibited are butyl nitrite-based.

What are the advantages of legalization?

Today, messages about poppers focus on the potential benefits of the product and on how to reduce or prevent potential health problems through a stricter regulation. The legalization of poppers by local authorities helps to reduce health inequities among substance users and sexual minority groups by access regulation. Strict production requirements of the substance also prevent users from going underground to obtain inferior and potentially dangerous versions of the product.

As a sexual enhancer and euphoric drug, poppers are used by both men and women. After having been associated for a long time with gay and LGTB communities, the sexual divide is now fading and poppers are becoming widely spread for everyone's pleasure!

Can you buy quality poppers online in UK ?

United Kingdom is known to have the best flavors of poppers, especially London. However, it is still difficult to find poppers on the market today, and with Brexit it is not going to get any better. Indeed, because of customs, UK poppers will cost more, and will be increasingly rare on the market. But if you want to buy poppers in sex shop, you can count on some legit online store. In order to find quality and inexpensive poppers, turn to a specialized online store only. They will provide you with different kind of swallowing poppers (different strength levels) according to the use you want it for.

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