Liquid Propyl

Liquid Propyl
NAME Liquid Propyl
VOLUME 15 ml
TAGS poppers,liquid,uk

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Much appreciated in the UK, inspired by the best-seller since the 1970s offers a very refreshing formula (of the old-fashioned Liquid Gold) and a powerful product, which quickly and lastingly aromatizes the room and makes all its occupants kinky and naughty. The English have turned it into a bedroom gadget and use when dressing up for a party or going clubbing.

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Poppers medium 15ML are very popular with anyone who finds a small bottle of poppers too small and a large bottle too big. Liquid Gold Poppers medium are bottled in 15ml bottles. Naturally, in this category you will find the best poppers from popular brands such as Liquid Amyl, Bleachers poppers and Roma gold.

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